Kevin’s 2009 New Year’s Blogolutions

Kevin’s 2009 Top Ten New Year’s Blogolutions:


10.  Use Less Paper – My profession is paper intensive. I will create new ways to market and administrate my business that are more tree friendly. 

  9.  Telephone More…Email Less – Emailing is an incredible tool, but messages can often be misinterpreted. It is also difficult to translate emotion in an email, thereby we may not always be fully connecting.

  8.  Keep up with this BLOG – Blogging is new to me and requires consistent monitoring as well as new posts by the Blogmaster (me) at least once a week. Phew!

  7.  Take News Reports with a Grain of Salt – I think it is important to pay attention to what is going on in the news, but I plan to significantly reduce the amount of time I am exposed to the media. This leads me on to # 6…

  6.  Think Positive – I’m a bit weary of hearing about doom and gloom regarding the markets and our planet. I believe that we can create prosperity and abundance by focusing on the positive. And this leads me to #5…

  5.  Step Up My Volunteer Efforts – This year I donated my time for a few wonderful events, but I know I can do more.

  4.  Create a “Bucket List” – My good friends just told me they started one and it reminded me how much I liked that movie. It was inspirational and a reminder that we only have so much time to soak up life.

  3.  Obtain My CRS Designation – (and you say…your what?) The Certified Residential Specialists designation is earned by only approximately 4% of all Realtors. So far I’m about half way there..

  2.  Don’t Forget To Breathe – Meditate every day. Close my eyes and just focus on my breathing…even if it’s just for a minute or two while waiting for the light to turn green. Which leads me to my #1 resolution…


1.      Buy a New Car –  Hey…I’m only human!



OK, now they are in writing, so here I go… feel free to post your resolutions here for the world to see! Just click on the title of this article to post or make a comment.


All my Best,


Kevin Gorman





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3 responses to “Kevin’s 2009 New Year’s Blogolutions

  1. Jim Price

    You go, Dude! I have great faith in you and your success. I look forward to riding your coat tails into the bowels of success (um, okay a little weird, but you get the idea).


  2. Jan Warner

    Hey, how come I don’t see #11 up there……Will pick up my guitar once in awhile. 🙂 These are all great resolutions Kevin. Makes me think I need to come up with my own. Hope all is well, we miss seeing your smiling face here. Take care and stay in touch!


    Nick says to say hi…

  3. Jan,
    You are so right! I am officially adding #11- PLAY MORE GUITAR~
    Thanks Warners!