Above the Clouds

Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

About three weeks ago I started making a conscious effort to reduce my exposure to the news reports on T.V., radio and newspaper. Frankly, the drum beat was always the same and so scary! Violence here, violence over there, anger here, crime over there…financial and real estate market doom. It sometimes has the same feel as Frodo’s dark fearful journey to Mordor. There is no question that the media goes out of their way to seek out the most negative daily world news possible.
The messages are so inundating that they have the effect of blocking us from the bigger truth. The truth that the majority of events taking place throughout the world in any given moment are….wait for it…. positive, not negative. But, because bad news sells more hairspray than good news, that is what they must focus on.
What I am re-discovering, is that I have a choice as to what I am going to focus on. To remind myself that there is an overwhelming amount of wonderful, kind, generous, loving, healthy, prosperous, joyous, LIFE happening at every given moment.
Since this is pretty much supposed to be my real estate Blog, please bear with me as I discuss how this topic relates to me. Wow, housing market foreclosures and sales prices down. That just can’t be good news, right? WRONG. Prices are really low and there is tons of selection. Oh, and the icing on the cake, interest rates are lower than they have been in decades.
If you were to ask any real estate (or even stock market professional) to tell you what the positive news is, they will undoubtedly tell you that if you have the means, this is a really, really great time to buy. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. That seems pretty bright to me.
I have experienced a sense relief in turning off the news. I wouldn’t call it sticking my head in the sand. It feels more like…rising above the clouds.
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Thank you and have a wonderful week!
Kevin Gorman
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2 responses to “Above the Clouds

  1. Jamila Kisses

    Great words Kevin. Life is at least as much about what we nurture as what we experience.

  2. Jim Price

    From a financial advisor’s point of view, you have the right idea. I would like to add one more thing. There are leading indicators and lagging indicators. The unemployment reports are lagging indicators, which means that even when the economy turns around (AND IT WILL!), we may still see unemployment increasing at the same time. Strange, but true!

    Great words for all of us to live by, Kevin!