Anything Can Happen on Super Bowl Sunday

I might be crazy, but I decided to conduct an Open House this Sunday…Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll mostly be bummed that I’ll miss the commercials. Who’s playing anyway?…Oh, never mind, it doesn’t really matter to me.

At my Open House I will be mingling with serious Buyers that also don’t know who’s playing. We’ll probably talk about the house, the market, the weather and share a fresh Safeway baked chocolate cookie together (I go all out).

I will probably then be instructed to write up an offer on behalf of these new Buyers. They will want to know if they can pay cash for the house, if it isn’t too inconvenient.

After I write the offer, we’ll probably go out to dinner and celebrate. We’ll talk about their new home and all their exciting plans for the move. After a night of fun and laughter, we’ll high five each other and say goodnight. As I walk to my car I will doing my own original end zone dance!  

Hey, anything can happen~  🙂

All my best~ Kevin Gorman                                                                                                                                                                      

Thinking about Buying? Given todays market challenges, this is a helpful article: CLICK HERE


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