Cool New Technology!

SOLD CARTOONYea! It’s definitely picking up out there, what with school coming to an end and a few more sunny days. The Buyers are jumping off their fences. Not a day too soon I might add, as the interest rates have started to inch up with better economy forecasts. There are also new Sellers jumping into the game as they are either must sell or want to sell so they can “buy up” to another home.

empty-flyer-boxNot to change the subject, BUT, how many times have you driven up to a house that is for sale and the darn flyer box is empty? I know, it happens alot! Well, there is a NEW TECHNOLOGY available to those of you in the Portland area that will make it so you can access detailed information about ANY PROPERTY LISTING – ANYTIME  from your cell phone! You will never have to get out of the car again to get a flyer in the rain. And the service is free!

It works like this: First, you register with me to access the system. Next, you drive …and drive …and drive, until you finally find a home that is on the market. 🙂  Then, You stop your car, call a designated local phone number. Follow the easy prompts and receive a full detailed recorded message to your cell phone. You can also elect to have the information sent via text message…and if you have a smart phone you will receive the listing photos as well. Someday property flyers will be replaced by technology. Just think how much paper will be saved!


Send me an email today at: or give me a call at 503-495-5191 and I will register you into the system so that you can begin using it right away. And don’t worry, you can opt out at any time and I will NOT be calling you and bugging you…unless you request me to do so. Flying-Happy-Bug-439004                                                                                   


                        Happy Graduation Week! All my best,

Kevin Gorman


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