“Lions, Tigers and Bears…OH MY!”

If the Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow and Dorothy were skipping down the Yellow Brick Road today, perhaps they would be chanting a different line than that famous one in the movie. Maybe it would be something more like…  “Inventory, Rates and Prices…OH MY!”

Inventory of homes now on the market has increased in Kansas and most all other States. Buyers can shop to their heart‘s content!.

Loan interest rates this week are fluctuating between 4.00-4.5. Most real estate brains agree that rates may never hit this low again in our lifetime!

Home prices have dropped…and significantly in most neighborhoods. Sellers are competing with foreclosures and short sales.

This is a time when buyers control all the flying monkeys, and those that have courage, will be able to find a dreamy deal on a home or investment property this summer.

Ohhhhhh…we’re off to see a lender…..”

Sorry, I can’t help it. It’s the songwriter part of me surfacing.  🙂

Enjoy your day and rest of the week,

Sincerely, Kevin   www.KevinGormanSells.com  www.ItsaMatterofTrust.com

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