Just In Case-Make A List

Do you know the value of your personal belongings? Do you have a list of what you own? Hmmm…did I just trigger some anxiety?

For those of you that don’t yet have a list, there is a great FREE software tool to help you keep track of everything that fills your home. Furniture, jewelry, artwork, computers, musical instruments, even your most cherished collectables… 

 …whatever they may be (and no, these are not my dolls).

The  “What You Own” software will help you easily create a room-by-room inventory and establish replacement costs in case you have an insurance claim. Now, this is the point where I knock on wood, because I hope that you should never need to actually use the list. However, if the contents of your home were destroyed in a fire or items were stolen in a burglary, you will be grateful that you have an inventory. With this software you can even add pictures of the items or copies of receipts.

One last tip, make sure you keep a copy of your list in your safe deposit box or with a close friend or relative.

Here ‘s that link again:  www.WhatYouOwn.org

I hope this helps. ~ All my best,

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  1. Judy and Ron

    Hi! You have done it again. Very creative and interesting blog. Thanks.

    J and R

  2. Aww shucks….Thanks J&R!