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Gas Fireplace Insert: Pro’s & Cons

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An Uplifting Experience

I thought I would share with you this short video of a ride on the RE/MAX hot air balloon. This is definately one of my “bucket list” items that needs to be addressed soon.

Hey, come to think of it, now I know what I should do on my next birthday!   Here’s your link:  Above the Crowd    ~ Kevin


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Time Out!

Yesterday Bank of America announced that it will extend it’s freeze on foreclosures to all 50 States. The nation’s largest lender is reviewing their practices to make sure they are not foreclosing upon homeowners improperly or illegally. B of A and other large banks, including JP Morgan Chase and Ally Financial, had previously frozen their foreclosure process in 23 States.

To learn more about what’s going on here is a link to an article and video presented by

Although it is important that all lenders review their processes to make sure they are foreclosing legally, we don’t want it to be a long drawn out process. The sooner the nation sells through the foreclosure inventory, the better for our housing market and economy.

Your thoughts?    

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