My life is always better when I’m focusing on the good. This usually happens when I intentionally let go of worry, anger, fear and all the rest of those nasty negative emotions that want to creep in.

It takes determination to intentionally stop a negative thought, release it and instead, think of something good or the possible good. In order for me to pivot away from negative thoughts, I need to be consciously aware of my own thoughts. Rrrrright….like I have time for that!  🙂

Awareness is the key. Being aware of what I am thinking and replacing the negative thoughts with positivity is not easy. Like any other skill, it takes practice and I hope to get better at it.  All I know, is that the moments when I am successful, I always feel better and positive things happen more often in my life.

The global economy is going through very tough times, but I expect that there will always be challenges. Unfortunately, the media drowns us in negative information. I personally made a decision to watch as little broadcast news as possible and focus away from the negative.

Right now there is an abundance of positive U.S. economic news. Below is a link to an article by economist Jeff Thredgold. Like a breath of fresh air, Mr. Thredgold lists numerous positive developments currently taking place that we can all think and talk about…if we choose to.


May your day and week be filled with good thoughts.

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