Ho Hum…Hollywood is Calling

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My clients and I were pin-pointed to be the stars of an upcoming episode (#5210) of the House Hunters television show. House Hunters is the number 1 most watched show on HGTV. I would like to think that we were chosen because of MY superior real estate knowledge, skills, customer service and incredible amount of…well….savy. The truth is, my buyer client’s teenager wanted to be on the show, so he called them up and somehow got us all on!

Apparantly, the HH production company loved the idea that my clients (Chrissy, Jason & Josiah) are a rock & roll family that is ready to buy their very first home. All three of them are cheerful, fun, youthful and HIP! Chrissy and Jason are recently married. Jason is an over-the-top talented guitarist, singer songwriter and local performer. Chrissy is also a talented singer as well as a professional occupational therapist for the Portland school district. Teenager Josiah is simply way too intelligent and witty for his own britches. Oh, and he also is a budding rock drummer.

So why does this show need me, you ask? Ah ha!…well…they need someone to open up the houses for them, don’t they?   🙂 When the producer called, I told her I would expect ONLY yellow M&M’s and my own seperate dressing room, but she didn’t laugh. Maybe she’d heard that one before?

Stay tuned to Fresh Blog and I will announce the air date when I find out. It should be next fall or winter. In the meantime, here is a link to the House Hunters website where you can watch a few episodes: House Hunters on HGTV

If I can help you or anyone you know that is ready to buy or sell, you better refer them to me soon…before I become too famous.

All my best,

Kevin Gorman  www.KevinGormanSells.com  and www.ItsaMatterofTrust.com

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2 responses to “Ho Hum…Hollywood is Calling

  1. Doug Kaess

    I will look forward to seeing you on TV. This sounds like a great marketing tool. Good Luck

  2. Thanks Doug. It might even be better than the card board box sign I use at the freeway entrance that says “Will Work For Listings”. 🙂