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When Should Sellers Reduce Price?

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What Movie Won the Year You Were Born?


I remember my mother telling me about that the day I was born. Apparently, that day,  Mom and Dad decided to go to a movie. While they were in line at the theater, she suddenly turned to Dad and said  “Bob, we need to go to the hospital RIGHT NOW!”.  

It was only one hour after reaching the hospital that I was born. Whew…that’s fast. Maybe I wanted to see the movie too?

I never did ask my Mom what movie they wanted to see that day. Today I researched what movies were playing that year. Turns out that the the AcadamyAward winner of 1958 was a musical called GIGI.  HOLY COW,  I’M OLD… A musical called GIGI? … Never heard of it…

Mom was a professional singer and actress in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and performed lead roles in musicals thoughout her career. I would bet my 5th birthday pony that this is the movie they were headed to see that day!

I have never seen GIGI, but it had a total of nine nominations and nine Oscars and awards in almost every category including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay (Alan Jay Lerner), Best Color Cinematography, Best Art/Set Direction, Best Song (“Gigi” by Lerner and Loewe), Best Musical Score (Andre Previn), Best Costume Design, and Best Editing. Quite a haul.

Have you seen GIGI? Has anyone I know seen GIGI?  Well, If I thought I could even find the movie somewhere, I would watch it tonight and celebrate my birth and all that I am grateful for… which is mainly all of you.

By the way, please don’t call me about real estate today…I’m taking the day off.  🙂

 5th birthday with rent-a-pony. One of the best days of my life!

All my best~ Kevin


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