Look Mommy…A Parade!

I just thought I would tell you about my experiences showing homes last weekend. It may shed some insight into what’s going on in our local Portland market.

On Sunday, my awesome buyers and I set out to tour four new listings. As it turned out, two of those homes were holding open houses that day. The first open house we visited was an eye opener for my clients. Not long after we had been inside, the agent on duty informed us that the seller had already received an offer, but that they, of course, would LOVE another offer. This property had only been on the market for about 24 hours. During the time that we were in the home, approximately 10-12 other parties had also walked through as well. We were only there about 20 minutes!

However, that was mild compared to the next open house we attended. At that second open house, which was about 15 miles away and in another city, my client made the comment “I feel like I’m at the shopping mall!”. It was crazy busy…as if a parade route went right through the house. I kept looking outside to see if the Bullwinkle and Rocky balloons were going to come down the street (sadly, they didn’t). But seriously, we were only upstairs for a few minutes when my client asked if we could leave because there were too many people and it just felt claustrophobic. There were shoes scattered everywhere at the front entrance. I was tempted to try on a new pair for myself as we left, but I decided to just keep my weathered black slip-ons. I haven’t checked yet, but I’m guessing that house had multiple offers that night. It also had only been on market for one day.

Got a house to sell?  Call me for a detailed value analysis of your home and let’s get it sold!…. Oh, and I would like to hold it open right away, if that works for you.   🙂

multiple_offers_shutterstock_37171402Buyer’s with trigger fingers!

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