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It Takes A Professional

Time and time again I am amazed at the complexity in the process of selling a home. My beloved and wise mentors have told me numerous times “Anybody can put a buyer and seller together, but it takes a professional to keep them together”.

Most buyers and sellers experience only the tip of the iceberg during their transaction. Behind the scenes there are a seemingly infinite number of correspondences and documentations flying back and forth between Realtors, lenders, title officers, transaction coordinators, processors, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, government, banks,  brokerages…etc, etc. There are so many moving parts it’s a wonder it ever happens at all…and sadly, sometimes it doesn’t.

imagesI remember watching the Hercules cartoon when I was a boy and how he would lift up and move mountains with his sheer strength. Well, a real estate sale is something like that. There is a mountain of tasks and requirements that have to be moved in the purchase or sale or real estate. In addition, all of this work needs to be done while managing the emotions and expectations of the buyers and sellers so they don’t bail out.

In the end, I’m always very proud to be sitting at the signing table and watching my client’s excitement as they sign away.

Call me anytime with your real estate questions. My team of professionals and I are ready to help you move mountains!

carry-money-house   All my best,   Kevin


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