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CHALLENGE – The harder the course the more rewarding the triumph.

I hung this picture in my new office a little over nine years ago and it is still in my office today. I remember the sense of fear I was feeling at that time as I left my cushy job as a sales account manager in the coffee industry, to become a self employed real estate broker. The picture was inspiring to me then and still is today.

My previous job was safe and offered a steady paycheck, 401k and other benefits, including free coffee! I started my new career as a licensed Realtor towards the end of 2006, just before the housing bubble burst and the historic collapse of the American economy. Great timing, eh?

As I look back on my decision, I realize that although my real estate journey has been scary, hard work, emotional and stressful,  I am also grateful. Grateful that I didn’t stay in the safe, secure and often boring coffee job. Grateful that I have met and worked with hundreds of other fun, creative and entrepreneurial professionals. Grateful that I have been able to be a positive factor in my clients lives…and grateful when they tell me that they are grateful.

I think there is a general perception that Realtors have an easy job and make a ton of money. In fact, many of us that were studying to obtain our real estate licenses probably thought the same thing at the time. Ha! What a wake up call. The truth is, the median gross incomes for Realtors is approximately $48,000 per year (before taxes and business costs). We are self employed and therefore we handle all of our own operations, marketing, sales, customer service, administrations and finance. We have no boss to tell us when we are slacking or not being productive. ..and that can lead to a hazardous outcome.

Through the years I have learned that if I wanted to stay in it, that I would need to be in it every day. I would need to educate myself, motivate myself, set goals, have an accountability partner, invest in my business, create good energy , work hard and not give up.

Like the picture on my office wall promised, it has been a challenge… and as another year ends, I am grateful for the rewards that come to me in many forms.

Now if I could only shoot par…

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!


Kevin G.







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