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Are You Rich Yet?

Want to know your home’s approximate appreciation percentage for 2015? Cool, no problem! The information is within…and here’s how I obtained it for you:

We Realtors in the Portland and SW Washington areas subscribe to the Regional Multiple Listings Service (RMLS) which is one of our main tools in helping us list and sell properties. In addition, the RMLS provides us a monthly report entitled the “Market Action Report” which details tons of local real estate data. We use this data to help us inform and advise our clients on the state of the current market.

The RMLS has divided the region into separate areas and assigned each area a number. This allows statistics to be extracted that are specific to the individual areas.

So what’s your number? You can check the map below to find what area and number your home is located within. Then, you can check the 2015 year end report link (also below) to see your appreciation rate and other interesting market data.

Since this report is available monthly, I can provide this information to you upon request, just say the word!

2016 will be another “Seller’s Market”. I would be happy to answer your questions about listing or buying a home in 2016.

RMLS Area Map

Area Report Click here for the 2015 year end data on your area.


Cheers!      Kevin G. 




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