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Big Ticket Repairs

Pansies Selling? Yes, You will probably need to plant some pansies in the front yard, wash all the windows and de-clutter. I suggest you also look into the following five potential “Big Ticket” repair items before you go on the market:

THE ROOF – How old is your roof? Is the roof leaking? How much longer is your roof expected to last? Call on two or three reputable roofing companies and get their opinion of your roof before listing. Factor in the condition of your roof when determining the value of your home. You can be sure that your future buyers will.

Bad Roof

DEFECTIVE SIDING – Your siding may seem to be in good shape, however, you should find out if your siding has ever been the subject of a manufacturers recall or class action law suit. Especially if your home was built in the 1990’s. Many buyers will decline to even make an offer on a home that has been built with defective siding.


CRAWL SPACE – What condition is that mysterious dark Universe underneath your house in? Is there water pooling? Are there wet, dry rotted posts or any signs of mold? Is the plastic vapor barrier a mess? Is the insulation torn down by animals nesting? Insects?  Crawl space contractors love it down there 😊. Ask them to take pictures of any concerns.


FOUNDATION –Walk around the perimeter of your home. How many cracks do you see? A large crack might be anything wider than a ¼”. This size crack will allow water to seep into the crawl space. Do any of your rooms feel sloped? If any of these symptoms are occurring, start dialing for experts.


ATTIC MOISTURE/MOLD –The most common issue in the attic that will cost you money is mold.This will look like black staining on the plywood sheathing and support beams.

Poke your head up into the attic and take a peak with a strong flashlight. Does the wood look brown and dry? Or does it look blackish? Often roofs are installed without enough ventilation to keep the attic dry. Mold can be safely removed and the cause of the moisture can be corrected. If you see anything concerning, contact a certified mold remediation company. Have them take pictures of any issues they discover. Discuss with them any health concerns you may have about mold. Read the EPA pamphlet “A Brief Guide To Mold In The Home” .


Any one of these lovely items can chase buyers away. Get the information in advance and discuss everything with your Realtor prior to spending the money on repairs or listing your home. He or she will have some strategy on how to address each problem and how it can affect the sale. Which reminds me…give me a call and let’s talk about that crawl space.

Happy Spring!



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