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It Takes A Professional

Time and time again I am amazed at the complexity in the process of selling a home. My beloved and wise mentors have told me numerous times “Anybody can put a buyer and seller together, but it takes a professional to keep them together”.

Most buyers and sellers experience only the tip of the iceberg during their transaction. Behind the scenes there are a seemingly infinite number of correspondences and documentations flying back and forth between Realtors, lenders, title officers, transaction coordinators, processors, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, government, banks,  brokerages…etc, etc. There are so many moving parts it’s a wonder it ever happens at all…and sadly, sometimes it doesn’t.

imagesI remember watching the Hercules cartoon when I was a boy and how he would lift up and move mountains with his sheer strength. Well, a real estate sale is something like that. There is a mountain of tasks and requirements that have to be moved in the purchase or sale or real estate. In addition, all of this work needs to be done while managing the emotions and expectations of the buyers and sellers so they don’t bail out.

In the end, I’m always very proud to be sitting at the signing table and watching my client’s excitement as they sign away.

Call me anytime with your real estate questions. My team of professionals and I are ready to help you move mountains!

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Okay, I have decided to go for it. Until recently, I have been holding back from incorporating video into my business. I had the opinion that online video marketing was just not worth the time, expense and effort. After all, a 5-10 second wait time for a video to download is like an eternity to most people surfing around the net.

I was wrong. Studies show that online videos and photographs have proven to achieve a much higher response rate than plain text or links. I have always had better success utilizing photographs into my marketing plan, but now I guess 2014 will be my time to jump into the video game as well. Besides, Hollywood and I go way back (a shameless plug referring to my 2011 House Hunters episode…click here to watch).

Currently, a small percentage of Realtors use video for their online marketing, and most of them utilize their cell phone video cams, which often result in crummy lighting, shaky lenses and overall poor quality. Since the cost of professional videographers is becoming reasonable, I hereby solemnly swear to offer good quality videos for my client’s listings and for my business marketing.

Oh, and also, “short and sweet” is my game plan. Three minutes is perfect for a country song (including the “mama’s drunk horse got hit by a train” sequence)… but that’s just too long for an online real estate video.

Well, now that I’ve committed to this for 2014, I better call for hair and makeup…

FRESH BLOG WARNING:  Don’t forget to duck if you see Kevin’s video drone swooping your way!Zooooom!

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Make The Seller Cry

bag_of_moneyA polished Realtor will always request to present their buyer’s offer in person to the seller. It is important that a buyer’s Realtor asks to sit face to face with the seller to describe the offer and talk about how wonderful their buyer is. This should be done in a tactful, honest and strategic way so that an emotional connection with the seller is achieved. Many sellers have lived in their home for a number of years and have proud memories. That type of seller is going to want to feel like the buyer will respect and love their home, just the way they did over the years.

However, often sellers simply do not want to receive the offer in person from the agent. In this case, that same polished agent should accompany the written offer with a convincing and  appealing cover letter introducing the buyer to the seller. The goal here is to make the seller cry!…In a good way, of course.

businessman crying over reportThe letter should complement the property, home, special stand-out features without over doing it. Most importantly, it should portray the buyer as good, hard working, honest, deserving and financially capable. It should invite the seller to call the buyer’s lender and discuss their financial qualifications. In addition, it MUST include an appealing, cheerful picture of the buyer. The letter should not include a picture of the buyer’s pet dog, cat or monkey unless it is known that the seller loves these types of animals. If buyer does not have children, it is a good idea to rent a few for the photo…ha ha, just kidding, but children will add that “adorable family” factor….so add ’em if you got ’em.

Buyers and their agents should never underestimate the importance of the emotional connection to a seller. Amazingly, it’s not always just about the money.

Enjoy today and call me if I can help you or a friend buy or sell their next home.

Kevin ~  www.KevinGormanSells.com

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